Strengthening Your Bond: Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Dog

by 6 Feb, 2024

Improving your relationship with your dog isn’t just about spending more time together or providing treats. It’s also about avoiding common mistakes that can undermine trust and clarity in your relationship. I strongly believe in the importance of building a bond based on trust, understanding, and clear communication. Let’s explore some common pitfalls to avoid for a healthier relationship with your dog!

1. Honesty is the best policy

Trust is the foundation of any positive relationship, including the one with your dog. When we “trick” them, like calling them inside from the garden under the pretense of going for a walk only to shut the door and get back to work, we’re eroding that trust. Repeatedly deceiving your dog in this manner can damage the relationship and make them less responsive and trusting over time. Honesty is important in every relationship!

2. Be Consistent and Clear

Dogs thrive on clarity and consistency. If your rules and expectations are inconsistent – like sometimes allowing your dog on the sofa and other times reprimanding them for it – you create confusion and uncertainty. This inconsistency can harm the trust your dog has in you. Make sure your boundaries and expectations are clear and consistent to build a more trusting and understanding relationship.

3. Pay Attention to Their Body Language

Communication in any relationship is a two-way street. This means not only communicating your expectations to your dog but also listening to what they’re communicating through their body language. Ignoring signs of discomfort or distress can harm your relationship. It’s important to recognise and respect their feelings, especially in situations they find challenging. For necessary procedures like nail trimming, take the time to desensitise and train your dog so that they’re prepared for them and don’t experience undue stress.

Building a strong, positive relationship with your dog is about more than just love and affection. It requires understanding, consistency, and respect for their feelings and boundaries. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can foster a deeper bond based on trust and mutual respect. If you’re struggling with any of these aspects, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a qualified and ethical professional.

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