Frequently Asked Questions

What training methods are used?

We carry out all training with positive reinforcement-based methods.

What are your qualifications?

Anja has completed the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour with Distinction. She is truly committed to learning and continuing education, and strictly adheres to the most humane and scientifically up-to-date methods of training. For more information about the courses that Anja has undertaken, please get in touch!

How does coaching work?

We book a free consultation to begin with, to discuss the challenges that you are facing with your dog. From there, we will be able to provide you with the best solution going forward, whether that is in-person sessions, online coaching, or a mix of the two.

How much is coaching?

There are a number of different options available. Please click here to book your free consultation to discuss this further.

Do you do one off training sessions?

Dog training takes time and consistency. At this moment, we do not offer stand-alone training sessions.

Where do you train dogs?

If you are local, we will come to you! Most private sessions occur at your home and/or areas you frequent with your dog. If you live more than a 10 mile radius from SO52, we recommend that you do virtual training with us instead.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a 10 mile radius from SO52 in person, and everywhere the internet is!

How long does it take to get results?

Dog training is a process that requires you to keep up your side of the bargain. It is wholly dependent on your dog’s pace, and will require practise outside of training sessions.

Do you offer group classes?

Group classes are not available at this time.

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